Tarot Gallery

  • 1 – South: Seeds for Planting
    1 – South: Seeds for Planting
    The sunflower of manifestation is open with many seeds for planting. What seeds have you planted?
  • 2 – South: Into the Light
    2 – South: Into the Light
    Are you willing to step into the light? When you do, there is a celebration going on.
  • 3 – South: Walk Forth
    3 – South: Walk Forth
    When we walk forth with single legged determination, we carry lines of force with us that have a diamond-like clarity. Have you put the nay-sayers behind you?
  • 4 – South: Balance of Aspects
    4 – South: Balance of Aspects
    To be an opening for manifestation, you must include all of your aspects; the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. What shows up for you as you include all these aspects?
  • 5 – South: Wisdom of Obstacles
    5 – South: Wisdom of Obstacles
    All obstacles can teach you something. What appears to be an obstacle? What is it telling you?
  • 6 – South: Leap of Faith
    6 – South: Leap of Faith
    Go for it as a free-spirit, dancing on the edge. Where is your leap of faith taking you today?
  • 7 – South: Birth Canal
    7 – South: Birth Canal
    Between 2 rocks is a birth canal. Something large is being born, manifested.
  • 8 – South: Many Paths
    8 – South: Many Paths
    Dragonfly knows many paths are available to realize your dreams. You don’t always have to take the “right” one. Which one are you using today?
  • 9 – South: Birth of Beauty
    9 – South: Birth of Beauty
    The most important factor in manifestation is beauty. If it has beauty, it is right on.
  • 10 – South: Opening to Wholeness
    10 – South: Opening to Wholeness
    When we experience our connection to the mother we are aware of great wealth, a sense of well being. Are you ready to manifest on this level?
  • 0 – Initiation (Fool)
    0 – Initiation (Fool)
    When you start out on a brand new path into a whole new realm of being, nothing is ever just the way you expect it to be.
  • 1 – The Wise One (Magician)
    1 – The Wise One (Magician)
    Who is willing to enter in and meet the Wise One, who is older than the hills and yet eternally present?
  • 2 – The Connector (High Priestess)
    2 – The Connector (High Priestess)
    The Connector is bigger than earth. She connects Star energy with Earth energy, the quarry for the blue stones of Stonehenge.
  • 3 – The Seer (Empress)
    3 – The Seer (Empress)
    The Seer sees in the light of day and is connected to the sun. What do you envision for your world?
  • 4 – The Generator (Emperor)
    4 – The Generator (Emperor)
    The Generator brings the light of action to all you seek to do. What are you generating today?
  • 5 – The Receiver (Hierophant)
    5 – The Receiver (Hierophant)
    The Receiver receives wisdom from above which flows through him to the world below. What truth are you receiving?
  • 6 – The Partners (Lovers)
    6 – The Partners (Lovers)
    The Male and Female stones are working together for a common goal. This common goal gives them a space of love.
  • 7 – Movement (Chariot)
    7 – Movement (Chariot)
    One of the marker stones is leaning toward the circle, being drawn into that dynamic energy. What are you leaning towards?
  • 8 – The Courageous One (Strength)
    8 – The Courageous One (Strength)
    The Courageous One does not let fear rule his life. What courageous step will you take?
  • 9 – The Quiet One (Hermit)
    9 – The Quiet One (Hermit)
    The Quiet One is connected to his own inner wisdom and energy. What inner wisdom is available?
  • 10 – The Opening (Wheel of Fortune)
    10 – The Opening (Wheel of Fortune)
    The Wheel of Life keeps turning. Are you ready to ride the vehicle of your life into this new opening?
  • 11 – The Magical One (Justice)
    11 – The Magical One (Justice)
    Justice includes magic. One of the Openings of Stonehenge leads to the magic of the Faery Realm.
  • 12 – The Jewel Being (Hanged Man)
    12 – The Jewel Being (Hanged Man)
    The Double Doorway leads to a new view of life. The Jewel Being points to your own jewel-like qualities.
  • 13 – The Sun at Midnight (Death)
    13 – The Sun at Midnight (Death)
    Death is available at midnight. If you choose to live, it is the dawn of a new day. How big a shadow are you casting over your new day?