Minor Arcana – Air

  • Knight of Air
    Knight of Air
    The Messenger – It takes discipline to deliver a message accurately. What message are you delivering at this time?
  • Queen of Air
    Queen of Air
    Meaning – The Queen knows we apply the meaning to our words, which are simply symbols for our thoughts. What meaning are you bringing to the situation?
  • King of Air
    King of Air
    Truth – What is your truth in the situation? Does it feel right? Does it fit the facts? Does it include others?
  • Child of Air
    Child of Air
    A New Conversation – The Child of Air is powerful because a new conversation always changes how we see the situation. Can you say something new?
  • 11 of Air
    11 of Air
    A New Pattern – A new pattern of seeing the world. What would a new pattern of thinking and seeing do in this situation?
  • 10 of Air
    10 of Air
    Every one expresses a different vision, but each one is a part of the source. Do you recognize the importance of your own vision?
  • 9 of Air
    9 of Air
    The Word of Joy – Can you speak the word that brings joy to the heart of another? What brings joy to the situation?
  • 8 of Air
    8 of Air
  • 7 of Air
    7 of Air
    Out of the Box – When we see with all of our potential, many new options open up. Can you see the larger picture?
  • 6 of Air
    6 of Air
    Clear Seeing – The King and Queen of the Faery Realm see things as they really are. What type of vision are you bringing to the situation?
  • 5 of Air
    5 of Air
    The Self-Clouded Eye – When the self directs our vision, the world becomes a little gray. How would the situation look if you took your self out of the picture?
  • 4 of Air
    4 of Air
    Opening for Vision – There is an opening to see more fully. Can you see an opening in the situation? Can you see with the eyes of your heart and your creativity as well as the eyes of your vision?
  • 3 of Air
    3 of Air
    Tears – Has something happened to cause tears? Or is the time for tears over?
  • 2 of Air
    2 of Air
    Discrimination, Division – Are you looking with some discrimination? Can you see the difference between the two parts?
  • Ace of Air
    Ace of Air
    The Searchlight of Truth – The beginning of wisdom. What is your vision? are you looking to see what is truly there?