• 1 – East: Doorway
    1 – East: Doorway
    The Doorway can be seen as a door out of the prison of past limitations and decisions into the creative fire of being in life in a whole new way.
  • 2 – East: Next Step
    2 – East: Next Step
    At the bottom of the card is the foundation. The road is leading onward. The 3 Stones from Avebury are watching as you take the next step. What do they have to tell you?
  • 3 – East: Forward
    3 – East: Forward
    A large head, which resembles a horse, from Avebury is asking the question, “Are you ready to get on your horse and ride?”
  • 4 – East: Rising Power
    4 – East: Rising Power
    As you go forward, you get in touch with the power of your own earth energy. Amazing opportunities fill the horizon.
  • 5 – East: Time Out
    5 – East: Time Out
    Here are three Avebury stones. Two are sleeping in the dark, one is awake in the light.
  • 6 – East: Back on the Path
    6 – East: Back on the Path
    This Avebury stone welcomes us with open arms as we are back on the path. Life is no longer dull and gray.
  • 7 – East: Female Voice
    7 – East: Female Voice
    The stone from Avebury shows the Female Voice. It is speaking love and cooperation. Are you ready to speak with the female voice?
  • 8 – East: Mystic Path
    8 – East: Mystic Path
    Now that the Female Voice is being heard, we are able to hear the intelligence of our heart.
  • 9 – East: Way Over
    9 – East: Way Over
    The seeker is sitting and pondering what to do next. She has come to the boundary of her smaller world.
  • 10 – East: Opening to Purification
    10 – East: Opening to Purification
    The red path is complete. It stops at the opening to the Realm of White/North/Purification.